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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Phallustrade: It is an alchemical product, composed of the following elements: an autostrada, a balustrade, and a certain amount of phallus. -- Max Ernst

I don't normally review product, but I found this in the 'Muslim Interest' section of my video store. Impossible to resist.

Nascar Hijab (2007) directed by Wahid R. Jones.

Below is the barely literate text from the back cover of the DVD:

A woman Nascar racer, will fight to wear the hijab in the races, "God's helmet" she calls it, against infidel good old boy racers, and her own very traditionalist father.

She will force to recruit a pit crew of rednecks...and, difficultly, find a sponsor. Who can it be?

Her christian nemesis dares to run her off the track, into a spectacular wreck, when the car catches fire, and her hijab traps her in the burning car, she will tear it off to escape. (May God be Praised!) She grabs the yellow flag from the track official and ripping it off the pole wraps up again. In this, she receives the sincere admiration of many immodest white trash girls when they take the hijab to their own heads in emulation.

At the climax she is targeted both by Nascar track commission and a fanatical Salafist. The matter is settled successfully and they will marry!

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