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Friday, October 8, 2010


 (from the New York Times: Pol Pot explains a joke at his latest Gagosian show.)

For example in 1924 when I proposed the fabrication and circulation of objects appearing in dreams, I envisaged the accession of those objects into concrete existence as more of a means than an end, despite the unusual aspect they might assume. Certainly I was prepared to expect from the multiplication of those objects a depreciation of those whose convenient utility (although often questionable) encumbers the supposedly real world; this depreciation particularly seemed to me very apt to release the powers of invention, which in terms of all we know about dreams, are magnified when put in contact with objects of oneiric origin, truly tangible desires.  -- André Breton

Wrong, comedically so, on all counts! Now...can we please put them back where they came from...? And clean the affected areas with bleach. Thanks.

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