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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Climate Imperialists..

"The climate crisis is the result of the very uneven pattern of economic development that evolved over the past two centuries, which allowed today's rich countries to attain their current levels of income, in part through not having to account for the environmental damage now threatening the lives and livelihoods of others."
vs. Malthusian Fascists

"But the per-capita figures (of GHG emissions) rolled out by the "climate justice" proponents hide a real elephant in the room that few want to acknowledge and discuss: the huge surge in population growth from about the end of the Second World War, and most of this in developing countries."
The practical solution: use green nano & cloning technology to create Dinosaur Preserves in the tundras where the excess populations can be eaten on the pretext of eco-tourist adventures. These could be shown on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, etc.

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