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Friday, July 30, 2010


Several things are happening quickly right now, at once:

1. The fusion of producer and consumer of the spectacle.

2. Commodification and fluidification of identity. “I’m Guy Debord’s friend on MySpace!”

3. Intensification of eternal present. Extreme commodification of the temporal. Twitter is not information, but a way of carving up time. It is a time medium. Also: texting/email is orality barely disguised as visuality. OMG. LOL!

4. Visual Platforms (cartographies) for the specularization of social relations. (i.e. social networking) The fact that social relations are visible (like Vertov’s dream of the intelligible soviet society) makes comparison pleasurable and irresistible.  Rear Window social platforms.

5. Globalization of terror as a secret anti-spectacular force, the solution to which is, naturally, more surveillance.

6. Insofar as all things are mediated through images/orality, (but without any final accounting from an AUTHORITY as in tribal culture) nothing certain can be settled, history made impossible, the rule of indeterminacy and many beautiful & wild gardens of disinformation flourish.

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