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Thursday, July 29, 2010


VIDEO is not an object. It is audio-tactile modulation. It breathes, rots, oscillates, etc.

if you attend with care, you can feel the slight, germinal pulsing on your eyeballs. 
It is closer to singing, to pneuma, than to painting.  

The word qua sound has a power the image no longer has.

Not information but direct traffic in affective states. As arousal -- the old inward mode of fantasy versus the vibrator. The vibrator gets you off but desensitizes to the other electricity of touch.

So the CUT in video becomes sort of irrelevant. Or at best a distracting aberration in the overall pulsation. Like a synthesizer talking an analog signal and embroidering and obscuring it with its own pulse.

Need for a larger vocabulary of transitions (blends) for video.

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