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Thursday, July 29, 2010


 “The social status is assigned the female sex is such, wrote Carla Lonzi that, ‘…a man would prefer never to have been born if he had to contemplate it for himself.’ Women have borne it, bear it, helping themselves in part—a part difficult to measure—with fantasies. It is difficult to know at the moment to what extent fantasies help us to bear our difference when we find ourselves exposed to the exhibitions of the male sex. Usually one finds out when it is too late, when, that is, the power to fantasize diminishes. Then the female mind surrenders and falls into that state which psychologists call depression."
                                                                    -- Libreria della donne Collective

Reality is the masculine principle; imagination, phantasy is the feminine principle. It is the true home of anarchy and creation.

That is why to put a woman in her place this is all you must say:  

Why, you're crazy...you're dreaming...
you're living in a dream world.

You just need to cruelly mock the ontological status of her secret home.

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