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Thursday, July 29, 2010


"Skinning" as a feature of spectacular production -- a low cost structure, modular in nature, that can be skinned and re-skinned to meet a particular and consumable time-sensitive image. Such skins can be jettisoned as needed.

The eternal present results.

This particular excess expenditure is a sign of wealth -- as potlatch. Think in contrast of the homely poverty of the brick and stone 19th century building. It is pathetic in its immutability.  It is. It can't be re-imaged, only demolished. "Skinning" a building like that would only point up the tension between essence and image.

Being has a sort of resistance and inertia. History partakes in this as the evidence of being. Ruins.

The impossibility of ruins in the eternal present of the spectacle. Nothing can age. This is why the aged, with its grounding scars, must become invisible.

Today, things -- objects qua thingyfied -- are like quantum states rather than realities.

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