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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The critics are raving:

"A gift! Not often that one comes across a truly -- fantastically -- idiotic movie."
-- Jean Pierre Gorin

"A film to make one, without unjust rhetoric, despair of the cinema." 
-- Eric Rohmer

"It is history writ with drugs."
-- President Woodrow Wilson

"Paz de la Huerta is quickly becoming the Joe D'Alessandro of her generation." 
-- her yoga instructor

"Don't show stupid things..." Bresson should have said.  
-- Peter Fonda

"The most pretentious short film in the history of courts-metrages." 
-- Lav Diaz

"If this film would have been at Cannes in 1969, it would have won a small prize. And then oblivion." 
-- Agnes Varda

"If Noé dares to usurp me as Le Roi des Hippies, perhaps the guillotine can't be far behind." 
-- Roger Vadim


Anonymous said...

Wavy Gravy is a hero! Check out his amazing organization SEVA! http://www.seva.org and his great performing arts Camp Winnarainbow http://www.campwinnarainbow.org

Guillermo Krain said...

Actually, Wavy Gravy is a minor 60's celebrity and tireless self promoter, amigo de la anonimidad. Probably, given enough time, even Gaspar Noé will have his own humanitarian foundation. Perhaps it will be called the Alone Against All Foundation.

Heroes are people like Hercules or the Green Hornet. Also, it occurs to me that M. Gravy can't be that important as they have not made a hollywood movie about his life.

In the future, you should perhaps qualify your statements by saying, "Mr. Gravy is a hero to me, and to people like me."