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Sunday, December 5, 2010


"I think he was determined to make his peace with me. I got the impression that there is something precarious about his relationship with the outside world. With me, I believe, Godard felt something he rarely encounters, a meeting on equal terms. We are not in competition, we are working on different planets. He finds that relaxing, and interesting...
At the end I asked him: 'Don't you want to make another film?' He answered: 'Yes, yes, I do. And I want to make it with these.'
He pulled out two gadgets from of his pockets. The first was a ball point pen. He held it up and said: 'Look, this is what spies have today, it has a camera in the head' The second was an alarm clock. It also had a built-in camera."
Ah, the pathos of old spies. Godard knows he's leaving the American Sector.

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