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Thursday, December 16, 2010


1979. Nic Roeg is shooting his Strindberg meets Heisenberg trash-masterpiece, Bad Timing. it stars Art Garfunkel, the "Tom" of the pop duo of the sixties, and one of the chilliest and most mesmerizing performers this side of Henry Fonda. The movie is madness. Schnitzler, De Maupassant, the Luscher Color Test, even the Cold War -- something, finally, about suicide as the ultimate erotic weapon and rite of passage. While Garfunkel is off shooting this film, the woman above, who made a small career of the Gamine who Belongs to No One, traded carelessly between men, for Auteur and Gamine Lover Monte Hellman, makes a successful overdose (1) in Garfunkel's apartment, deliberately blurring the line between film and life. Her ghost is incorporated into the texture of the film.

Most hair raising: Hellman and Garfunkel would come to have the exact same hair, and come to look almost identical in other ways. The whole thing reeks of E.A. Poe.

1. In the 90's, when he was long between pictures, Monte Hellman would insist to anyone who would listen that the police report was wrong. It wasn't quaaludes, but something more sinister: Garfunkel's powdered chest hair.

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