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Sunday, November 28, 2010


From Strindberg's An Occult Diary. Just prior to these entries, the dear and yet sinister psychic projection of Harriet Bosse (who is to be Strindberg's final wife, but not yet) has been entering Herr S.' room and having, in his words, "telepathic intercourse" with him.

January 3rd, 1901   Have been plagued for a couple of months by a smell of Celery. Everything tastes and smells of Celery. When I take off my shirt at night it smells of Celery. What can it be? My (chastity), my celibacy? 
January 14th, 1901   Passed two ladies on the street; it was 6 degrees below zero and a fresh wind. A smell of celery (lasciviousness). Passed two ladies in the evening, and there was a smell of Celery.

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