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Sunday, November 21, 2010


a brief ramble about video games:

Their nature as timeholes is underexplored. There is something curiously subversive about an activity that allows a person to spend 50 hours a week in UNPRODUCTIVE TIME. We could even say that this is religious sacrifice in the Bataillean sense. It's unclear how much longer this pure & golden era can endure -- at some point, gamers will be put to WORK in some way.

I suspect that it will be in virtual surveillance of others.

The magic ingredient always missing in the classical Vertovian Surveillance State was a ludic component. If you can attach a scoring system to maintain Citizen Engagement along with the bread and circuses offered in the multi-player quantum universe a whole wealth of human behavior, complete with data mining is offered up to the State for its delectation.

Virtual serfdom is a pleasant way to disrupt revolutionary energy, offering everything! that the ever-increasing attrition of real qualities and wealth, so masterfully denied-in-the-world, as people are boiled alive and pauperized in risk bearing schemes for the sake of the very real masters of the universe.

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