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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Mumblecore in a nutshell: The stylization of bourgeois entropy. Minus snorkels.

Pasolini: For a young person of today things are different: for him it is much more difficult to look at the bourgeoisie objectively through the eyes of another social class. Because the bourgeoisie is triumphing, it is transforming both the workers and the ex-colonial peasants into bourgeois. In short, through neo-capitalism, the bourgeoisie are becoming the human condition. Those who are born into this entropy cannot in any way, metaphysically, be outside of it.

It's over. 

For this I provoke the young. They are, presumably, the last generation which sees workers and peasants; the next generation will only see bourgeois entropy around itself.
And sigh in mild approval...

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