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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


“I do not approve of the super-liberal, matriarchal upbringing as it completely lacked discipline and has contributed to feminising me to a certain degree."
– Andrew Berwick, Knight Templar, Crusader, and eternal guest of his mother.

In Klossowski’s The Baphomet, the ghost consciousness of the Templars along with their Grand Master, Friedrich Nietzsche, ritually perform the transgressive dionysian acts for which they were burned at the stake, including the worship of an idol, Baphomet (a fantastical corruption of the name Mohammed)

European handwringing and fatalism about Islamic non-assimilation has a fundamental(ist) blind spot. The openness of society has evolved way beyond state sponsored multi-culturalism into elective tribalism. That is, that ALL people, not just radicalized and alienated Jihadists, can now live lives only nominally bound to society and derive much of the pleasure and meaning in them through a dedicated psychotic or resistant non-engagement with a socialized reality, which is inevitably unsatisfying and restrictive. The networked psychosis. And who better to illustrate the concept of elective tribalism, but our ultimate Facebook friend, Anders Breivik. Where we normally think of the psychotic as someone who is completely isolated in his mental terrain, the proverbial loner, it’s now clear that the internet facilitates a colonization of a variety of network actors into the fantasy life isolated from social reality; it’s interactivity is soothing. Breivik becomes the mirror image of the Jihadist sleeper agent – mimetic desire truly fills his life with meaning, and he carries out the terrorist act, unconsciously, in the name of his double, the emasculated Muslim male of dubious status, who must prove his potency though action.  As with any true mimetic act, he must be completely unaware of the source of his desire.

Breivik's thought betrays an analogy between his monocultural nationalism and his veneration of a certain type of "warrior" masculinity, an analogy that revolves – as his manifesto's title implies – around the ideal of masculine independence. The "feminisation" of the European male corresponds to the "feminisation" of Europe itself. Our cultural purity is threatened by invasion from outside. Once proud, virile, and impregnable, Europe has been turned – Breivik suggests in Section 2.89 – into a woman, one who has submitted to rape rather than "risk serious injuries while resisting".

Breivik: I was out with Peter and Didrik today. We had some drinks at Peter’s bachelor pad near Bogstadveien, probably the most prestigious place to live for bachelors in Oslo and not far from where I used to live when I was still in the "game". We then went on to a nearby restaurant, had an incredible meal, drank some more and met Peter’s girlfriend and her friends. We had a few beers and talked, very cosy<3 I remember telling Christine about my career as a writer, telling her that I wasn't planning on actually selling the book but rather to distribute it freely in order to more efficiently propagate our cause to a broader audience (they were all cultural conservative btw). Christine told me that she believed I was driven by idealism, which is of course true, but that I actually lived my dream. While I didn't want to start to argue that particular factor, as I don't like appearing like a pooper or to risk blowing my cover, it got me thinking. Are, we, the reactionary revolutionary conservatives really living our dream or are we making a sacrifice? To be honest, if I felt that other people could do my job I would not do what I do, that I can guarantee you. I don't want to do what I do, I would rather focus on starting a family and focus on my career again. But I can't do that as long as I feel like a person caught in a burning spaceship with nowhere to go. If you see the ship is burning you don't ignore it and start cooking noodles do you? You put out the fire even if it endangers your life. You don't enjoy putting out the fire but it is your duty to yourself and your fellow crewmen. And let's say your crewmen have been infected with a rare virus that shuts down their rational senses and they try to stop you from putting out the fire. You can't really allow yourself to be stopped by any of them as it will lead to your collective death. You will do anything to put out that fire despite of the fact that they are trying to stop you. Anything else would be illogical.

But sacrificing yourself for others who probably detest you for it doesn't necessarily have to be a miserable experience. After all, we have the truth and logic on our side and we will learn to find rewards and comfort in our actions. After all, sometimes being uncompassionate is the most compassionate thing you can do.

Anyway, back to email farming on Facebook, aaaaarrrrggh:/ It's driving me nuts, lol. I'm currently working on French leads/FB groups. An extremely tedious and boring task - preparing quality contacts from scouring patriotic Facebook groups and sending out 100 select invitations per day (from 2 FB accounts). I've been doing this for 60 days straight now, 3-4 hours per day. FB networking isn't all that bad though as you do meet a lot of interesting, like minded people. This is the main reason why my book has been delayed. I just feel that I must send my book to at least 10 000 primary nationalists in the European world and I'm currently at 6000 email addresses. Good vocal trance music makes this task a lot less boring;). My funds are depleting gradually though; currently at 50 000 Euro + 30 000 Euro in credit limits (12 credit cards ftw), which will force me into the next phase of the operation soon. A usual day for me involves email farming, writing, sharing "moderate" resources from my book on debate groups to coach fellow cultural conservatives, smoking, eating chocolate lol, taking a daily 1 hour walk/motivational meditation and doing some occasional battlegrounds in WoW on my badass Horde resto druid. I just completed Dragon Age Origins not long ago. A brilliant game!:D It's important to have fun a few hours every day. I regret to admit that I've become a notorious downloader of pirated movies, series and games etc. but have noticed that an increasing number of sites have been closed down lately. Stealing is bad, I admit, but then again, when you have devoted your entire life to a good cause you can allow yourself some naughtiness especially if it can contribute to conserve your funds, cough;). Yes, yes, no ones perfect:P

Breivik, following the logic of the mediatic sphere to the letter, sees his terrorist acts as the essential marketing step in getting his manifesto (that is, his ego) out – he speaks of sacrifice or martyrdom – he wants to be the sacrificial victim that will restore the senses of his stupefied fellow passengers on the burning spaceship, but this is a martyrdom operation as masochist performance art. He wants to be Jan Palach, the immolating Czech national hero of resistance. It is only this, or Islamic re-colonization, that will confirm the fundamental reality of the networked psychosis. But the weak, feminized Norwegian state won’t ever punish him sufficiently. It can only love him to death and wave flowers. 

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