What is Hollywood, you ask, dear children? A quorum of whores babbling endlessly on about fucking while the bordello is razed for a penny arcade -- Paul Bern

Monday, July 25, 2011


As with most things, Pappy did it first. But let's note that his sartorial sensibility was impeccable. He was a genius with clothes, particularly his own. And a complete varietist when it came to headgear. Beret, Cowboy Hat, Fedora, Overseas Cap, Admiral's Visor hat, and of course, the baseball cap. But Bull Feeney was, perhaps, an authentic proletarian, and a jock at Portland High to boot. Esquire Man avant la lettre. What today's fashionable gringo movie director (with the notable and admirable exception of Peter Bogdanovich) says with a melancholic affectation of casualness, is: "I wish I made as much money this fiscal year as a baseball player does." And: "I'm exactly like you, dear comic-conista denizen, except I live in Malibu. Yeah, sure, come over -- anytime."

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