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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


According to a new study conducted recently by Saatchi & Saatchi S entitled “Engagement Unleashed: Gamification for Business, Brands and Loyalty,” approximately half of working Americans are engaging in online social gaming during a typical work day. But more importantly, 55% of Americans want to work for a company that utilizes gamification to increase productivity.
The most surprising result is that younger Americans, (read as Lady Gaga fans) which is also one of the demographics more largely out of work these days, are willing to be paid less to work for a company that is socially-minded. Thus, social interaction and the workplace culture are becoming more important than more money these days - at least to some people - even with a struggling economy.

Well, naturally.

The people have spoken. They want their serfdom to be fun and engaging. Yet, it is an undeniably brilliant move by the beneficent overlords to mirror-shift the honor culture of achievement/merit/humiliation from money and actual tangible goods to game performance. Ludic merit means more for everybody. Nobody's self-esteem suffers.

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