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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ok, so there is this "musikant" out there that goes by the name of Spiagge Sporche or something like that. HE'S A GENIUS. Allow me to emphasize this. Genius, in that modern, loosey way we speak of genius, that is to say, he managed to get some attention for something fundamentally mediocre.

It's a simulacra of Suicide -- y'know that old funk band that Rev and Vega used to have. But not really, not at all, actually -- something has eluded the artist -- because Suicide, if they had anything, had ENERGY. This fellow has fervently copied the programming, (what do I know, he probably majored in post-punk at julliard, specialised in analog sequencers) but S.S. has apparently given him/herself some sort of date-rape drug in the art process. And so we finally get to the interesting part -- it's as if he is date-raping his muse (Suicide) & his own mediocre talent at the same time. This seems like usual practice these days -- anxiety of influence has dropped to anemic levels. Whose fault is that? Yours for listening. Lester Bangs, for being dead.

It's time to take back the NIGHT from these weasels!!

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