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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Debord: The reigning deceptions of the time are on the point of causing us to forget that truth may also be displayed by means of images. An image that has not deliberately been separated from its meaning can add great precision and certainty to knowledge. 

And more laterally...
Makers of images must fight the image's own desire to express a cliché or axiom of truth.

Reality is already a prolific forger of crystalline certainties, and these may be undercut by a judicious use of photoshop. In the instance above, the imager, brutalized by the image, which says look HERE and not elsewhere, did not resist sufficiently.

This was the willfully misunderstood point of Errol Morris's film on Abu Ghraib. The truth, the vertovian one, is there in the INTERVAL of the FALSE MOMENT and the TRUE MOMENT, but you must show both in articulation.

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