What is Hollywood, you ask, dear children? A quorum of whores babbling endlessly on about fucking while the bordello is razed for a penny arcade -- Paul Bern

Friday, January 28, 2011


Pialat: Dressing a location is, of course, a necessity. You always have to do it at the last minute and too late. If I were shooting in this room, I'd start by moving this table, I'd arrange these chairs in a different manner, and little by little I'd arrive at the tableau, at artifice...    

Duras: Don't bother to go to Calcutta, to Melbourne, to Vancouver, it's all in the Yvelines, in Neauphle. Everything is everywhere. Everything is in Trouville. Melbourne and Vancouver are in Trouville. Don't bother to go looking for what you can find on the spot. There are always on-the-spot places that are looking for movies; all you need is to see them. 

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